Create a blueprint for success

Model the succesful future version of your small business

Okumm is a tool that allows you to find the optimal version of your future business without the need for creating and updating a complex spreadsheet. Use Okumm to determine the pricing and sales targets that will meet your goals.

Main features


Set your revenue goal and determine your potential profit

Set a monthly revenue target that you would like to achieve. Okumm's smart algorithm will, for each product/ service, determine a:

  • Selling price
  • Sales target
that will ensure you meet your revenue target, cover your overheads, expenses and most of all - make a profit.
Take control

Each business is unique, you have full control to model yours

Okumm gives you the ability to optimise how you reach your goal by adjusting the:

  • Sales price - to ensure it's market related
  • Sales target - to ensure it's feasible
This allows you to determine an achievable profitable business model that can be updated as your business grows.

Easily determine the true cost of your product or service

To determine the cost of your product you need to ensure that all your expenses are taken into consideration.

You can determine your cost by breaking your product into tasks and assigning the resources required to complete each task (when delivering your product). Okumm will calculate your product cost automatically.


Understand the true impact of your resources on your business

Easily create and update the monthly overheads and resources required to run your business.

Okumm's algorithm allows you to assign overheads when you calculate your product cost to help determine the true internal value of your product. We then subtract the total allocated overheads from the monthly overheads that is covered by the gross margin, this allows us to ensure we determine your selling price correctly.

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